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Discover is a feature in which you may discover the band of the future. There are a lot of bands out there that aim to get to the top, and they need your help to get there. It isn’t easy finding that one band that stands out among the increasing number of upcoming bands. This is where we come into play, to help you find that one band that stands out.

Who is Jack the Envious?

Jack the Envious is an upcoming pop punk/post-hardcore band from London, UK. Originally from Israel, the band thought it was time for a change, so they packed their things, said their goodbyes and moved to London. The band’s current line-up consists of three members: a guitarist, a vocalist and a bassist. They don’t seem to have a drummer, but that doesn’t seem to stop the trio from making music.

What does it sound like?

The band’s sound consists of a delightful mix of pop punk and post-hardcore with the post-hardcore side being the most dominant of the two. The band sounds similar to Pierce the veil (Misadventures era) but also bands like I Prevail and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk. There’s a set of lyrics in Begging for More that’s also heard in Make It Stop by Rise Against. This could be coincidence, but it may just as well be because Rise Against could be an influence to the band. There’s one thing I can tell you for sure and that’s that their music is catchy and sticks with you.

What can you expect from the band?

The band is aiming to release their second EP, In Your Own Way, sometime in May. This EP will follow in the footsteps of Pulling You Down, which was the band’s debut EP. The odds of the band announcing a European tour in the near future are slim. This is mainly due to the fact the band recently moved to the UK. So if you really want to see the band perform, you’d have to travel to the UK or patiently wait until they do announce a tour.

What songs should you listen to?

The band has quite a few cover songs on their YouTube channel. I’d suggest you check them out, seeing how they are worth your time. If I had to recommend two original songs by the band it would be the following songs. The first song you should check out is a brand new song called Begging for More. This song will be featured on In Your Own Way, the band’s upcoming EP. The second song you should check out is featured on Pulling You Down and is called More to Life.

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