EP REVIEW: Thornhill – Butterfly (ENGLISH)

De Nederlandse versie is hier te vinden

The 16th of February marks the release of Thornhill’s new EP. The successor of the debut EP 13 has been named Butterfly. It’s not a surprise if you’ve never heard of the band. I myself discovered the band a few weeks ago and started listening to the bands debut EP. After hearing 13 I have gotten quite high expectations for Butterfly.

Heights and depths

Thornhill experiments throughout the entire EP and thus shows a more grown up sound compared to what I’d expect from an upcoming band. This experimentation creates differences in the tracks, which is always a plus. The best track on the EP is Reptile. I can’t really describe why, but the first time I heard the track it got stuck in my head. It has something to do with the clean vocals and how well they match with the instrumentals.

An odd song on the EP is Plastic, one of the less pleasing songs on Butterfly. The vocals on this track just don’t match with the other tracks on the record. The worst part about the EP is the length. The EP only contains five songs and it just keeps you longing for more!

Opening for the bigger bands

When I got the EP in my mailbox, I immediately got the information that Thornhill has already opened for bands like Architects and Northlane. At first I didn’t quite believe it, but after hearing Thornhill’s music I get why. The band is, as I mentioned before, very grown up for an upcoming band. I would not be surprised if Thornhill is gonna be a huge name in the scene in a few years.

Summed up

It’s a great EP and if my biggest point of critique is that the EP doesn’t last long enough: a clear compliment to its quality. Butterfly gives me high expectations for a future debut album. You should definitely keep an eye out for Thornhill.

Final score: 7/10
Releasedate: 16th of February, 2018
Label: UNFD

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