ALBUM REVIEW: Scandroid – Monochrome (EN)

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After the success of the self-titled debut album Scandroid, Klayton produced another synthwave album in the period of one year. The new disc, called Monochrome, will be released under his alias Scandroid on 27 October. Rendezvous, The Force Theme and Afterglow are already releasedĀ and give the impression that the album will be a good successor.

Allround good album

I don’t like to generalize, but every song on this album is pretty impressive. There aren’t really any songs that stand out, but also no songs that fall below the mark. It is clear to see that some tracks have a different orientation. Rendezvous and Thriller (yes, this is a Michael Jackson cover) are nice and danceable. But if you want something even more danceable, there is the PYLOT remix of Thriller. The opening track first made me think that it would be a nice and heavy song, but unfortunately, this wasn’t the case, although I was secretly hoping for it. The remix sounds good in any case and is even more danceable than the original.


Klayton also draws influences for this project from several other artists, including his other aliases. First of all, opener 2518 is a reference to the opener of the debut album Scandroid, title track Monochrome could have included a feature of Circle of Dust and instrumentals on songs such as On the Face of the Deep and Searching for a Lost Horizon could’ve been on a Celldweller Soundtrack to the Voices in My Head album. Next to those we also have Oblivia, in which the jazzy style of Atom & E. E. V. returns. In The Veil we find a somewhat more sensitive song, while Afterglow has more guitars than we would expect from a Scandroid song. In short, there is something fun for everyone on this album.


The album offers you 13 songs of continuous listening pleasure without the quality of a single song falling short. There is sufficient variation and the covers are also worked out in an original way. As far as I’m concerned, the third Scandroid album may also be released within a year, because this makes you want more!

Score: 7,5/10
Releasedate: 27 October 2017
Label: FiXT

Preorder Monochrome here in the FiXT Store.

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